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We produce spinach 12 months a year. We alternate the varieties that are more suitable to the different seasons. Spinach are seeded and cultivated in high-water lands, that are really suited to this kind of production. The harvest is manual and has place very early in the morning. At first we harvest only leafs; leafs are immediately refreshed with cold water. Spinach are usually placed in cold store before their forwarding to the last consumers, that are, usually, industries of IV° range. Sometimes spinach are immediately introduced in the production cycle, in order to obtain the end product properly packaged, the so called IV° Range product. A proper production plant assures IV° Range products as well, and sometimes inside the farm itself these products are immediately introduced in the production cycle, in order to obtain the IV° Range product.



WE cultivate melons using modern techniques that provide a very low use of ‘Agrofarmaci’. The turnover with spinach and herbs assures an excellent result and an intrinsic healthiness of plants. The harvest is manual, has place everyday and sometimes at various times during the same day, especially during the summer and periods of high production. Availability is guaranteed by an inner system of self-control. Systematically we carry out analysis on fruits in order to check the total lack of chemical products having no bearing on cultivation. We package and send melons the same day we harvest them. We test melons one by one with a special equipment that allows us to gather the maturation’s ratio and the sugar’s presence.


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Our products follow the ‘Integrated Conflict’ principle, a process that allows us to fight the plants’ parasites and thanks to the combination of biological systems and chemical products lets us drastically reduce the employ of themselves.

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