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IV° Range

V° range products are fresh fruits and vegetables that after a careful washing are cut, packaged and sealed up in plastic tub or bags, sold and ready to be immediately cooked. The so called IV range products are a large part of a larger category of foods called ‘ready to use’, that is packaged foods ready to be used. The main qualities of IV range products are freshness, a whole nutritional value, unchanged sensorial characteristics (look, taste, crackling) and safety for health. Our products offer the same qualities of a fresh product: high nutritional value with high organoleptic characteristics and of course a good look of freshness and genuineness. The essential quality of our products is to avoid the consumer the operations of cleaning, husking and cutting. We offer a high service and a handy use. Another important advantage of our fresh products is the qualitative improvement of vegetables under the sanitary side. The last years’ social changes have affected both families (more singles, smaller families) and job’s world (conditions of widespread job mobility, female’s job effect) and have had important consequences on feeding. Today people have poor, fast and light meals, because of diets and of a greater sensitivity about health, factors that lead people to consume 5 daily amounts of fruit and vegetable. Fruits and vegetables lose their main characteristic of ‘side dish’ and assume an alternative role to meat. This view seems to show a growth of fruit’s and vegetable’s consumption. On the contrary fruit and vegetable market is a slump market, with a fall off in demand for several years. From this new point of view there’s this success of IV° range products. This presence is even more evident near the GDO ( Great Organized Distribution), that at the moment takes up about 90% of home production. Our company produces only High value added fruit and vegetable, and a s a logical consequence the price is quite high, but we hope that this negative characteristic will be reduced thanks to the growth of consumptions and to the distribution of fruit and vegetable even to little shops, besides the GDO.

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